Frequently Asked Questions


As a major trucking company in South Africa, our company regularly receives a lot of questions from prospective customers and clients. So if you have any such questions of your own then the following FAQ will hopefully answer them.


1. What is the Full Extent of Your Transport Services Throughout South Africa?

Our company has branches in several major town centers and cities. However, most of our operations are centered around Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.


2. Does Your Company Offer Cross Border Deliveries?

Yes, we do. In fact, we offer 4 to 5 day road deliveries to the following adjacent states: Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and Namibia.

3. Are Your Courier Services Exclusive to Retailers and the Retail Industry?

The short answer to that is no. Although our company specializes in courier deliveries for retail business, we also offer direct deliveries to all Central Distribution Centers. Furthermore, our company also offers private home deliveries.

4. Which Type of Goods Does Your Company Usually Deliver?

Our organization does not specialize in any single type of commodity or cargo. In this sense, we are able to move any type of item our clients needs, whether they are textiles, appliances or ordinary consumer goods. So whatever it is your business needs, our company will deliver it quickly and safely to wherever you need them to go.

5. Do You Deliver During Holidays?

It depends on the holiday. Our services are usually available during major and minor holidays. However, there are also special events wherein our ability to meet on time deliveries will be severely impaired.

6. How Do I Contact Your Company?

For details on how to contact our representatives, please visit the Contact Us page and fill out our contact form.


7. Can I Request A Quote for Your Services?

If you wish to get a service quote, please contact one of our representatives and inform them which service you’d like to receive. He or she will immediately provide you with the quote you need based on the information that you provided.

8. What Sort of Services Does Your Company Provide?

Our company’s full list of services may be found on our service page, along with any other details that you may require.

9. Additional Questions?

If you have a question that is not present on our FAQ list then kindly send us an email through out Contact Us page. We promise to respond to your question as soon as possible, along with a thorough answer to your inquiries.
Thanks for visiting our FAQ page. We hope to hear from you soon.